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early hours


If the name on the door didn’t give it away, the time she’d agreed to meet should have. She peeled back the heavy cuff of her favourite coat and glanced at her watch. It was the only accessory that didn’t go with her outfit. But it was just another of his colourful demands and she’d gone along with it. What could she do? She didn’t...

I Hate Her


Some days, no matter what I do, she's never far from my mind. A mixture of pure lust and hatred course through me as I'm reminded of how she used me. It's days like this where my heart and body wage war on each...

The Exceptional Relationship of Richard and Natalie... part 5


Richard watched Natalie pick at her food.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

Natalie put her fork down and sat back.

“You love your wife don’t you?”

Richard’s mouth dropped open. ‘Did she know?’ he wondered. ‘How could she? I hadn’t talked about it with anyone.’

 “I’m sorry, It’s just, if you love someone, you show up...

five dead ...


‘I didn't expect that!’
He pointed at the huge gun she was holding. ‘Well, you certainly expected something or you wouldn’t have brought that thing along.’
She flashed him a sharp smile then blew away the smoke which drifted lazily from the end of the barrel before twirling the gun around her index finger and jamming it snuggly in her shoulder...

the dress


Penny Clark was a slight woman with tame appetites. She lived alone, worked as a bookkeeper for a local shoe retailer and led, as far as her neighbours were concerned, a simple and untroubled life. 
If only...

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When Words Aren't Enough

Erotic, Romance

It’s been a long day.

Nothing has been going right. He’s tired and frustrated. 

His girlfriend comes into the bathroom silently. She pulls the stool up next to the tub. He still has yet to look at her.


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The Exceptional Relationship of Richard and Natalie... part 4

Romance, Drama

Natalie sighed heavily.

Her boyfriend sat across from her eating the dinner she’d prepared hours ago.

He’d walked in nonchalant about the fact that he’d missed their three-year anniversary.

She sighed once more.

He flashed her a toothy grin. “This is good babe. Sorry I’m late. I just couldn’t leave work.”

Natalie shrugged....

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The Exceptional Relationship of Richard and Natalie... part 2

Drama, Erotic, Romance

"Are you sure about this?"

Richard asked sitting in his office looking through next month's schedule. Things seemed to have been taking off in the last couple of months no thanks to Natalie. She's come in...

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The Exceptional Relationship of Richard and Natalie... part 3


She sat quietly twirling her finger around a tuft of blonde locks. Her deep set eyes watched Richard pack for another trip.

This time, he would be gone for a month.

"Will you miss me?"...

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Love in a country


We were resing in the park, shielding ourselves from the heat, suddenly the rainstorms advanced and we ran from the downpour. Anita was searching for Mani for as long as time could tell. She went from cafe to cafe but she was not successful. 
" Where can l find Mani?
" In your bag"...

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easy pickings

Detective, Suspense

DI Hunter continued to stare at the expensive wedding ring on the victim’s left hand.  
‘I guess we can rule theft out as a motive.’ DI Hunter’s colleague was a sharp kid who reeked of ambition.  ...

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birthday girl


The Birthday Girl opened her eyes then quickly closed them again.
She hadn’t finished counting and she wasn’t a cheat.
Her whole body trembled as her head twisted violently from left to right....

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